Saturday, September 7, 2013

DIY Toy Blender

Alonzo always gets excited whenever we visit his cousins. Not only because he seldom gets to see them but also because he gets to play with their toys! His absolute favorite of all his cousins' toys would have to be their little microwave and blender. He also likes to play with their pretend little stove oven but since he has one at home he doesn't get too crazy over it. 
Anyway, here's a random project that I made for the little guy. We came home from his cousins' house and he asked for his own pretend microwave and blender. He was satisfied by the clear, plastic shoebox that I presented as a microwave but I had to be a little more creative with his pretend blender.     
  Materials needed:
small box
old sippy cup
bottle caps
Step 1: Trace the base of the sippy cup on the box
Step 2: Use the tracing to cut a hole through the box
Step 3: Cover the box with paper

Step 4: Insert sippy cup through the hole
Step 5: Attach bottle caps with glue  

Instant toy blender...Tadaa!
I apologize for the poor quality photos. As I said earlier, this was a super random project and the photos were taken from my low-tech camera phone!  

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