Thursday, September 12, 2013

DIY Tassel Necklace

Remember the tassels I made a couple of days ago? These are intended to be used for a throw pillow project. Well, can we say that I got a little carried away (see photo below)?
Anyway, my throw pillow project was put on hold for a while as my attention was a little diverted by a buzzfeed article that prompted me to create this tassel necklace. I added a little twist to the design by adding a strand of friendship bracelet.
Materials needed:
Canvas cord
(I had a few meters left from my popsicle chain necklace and hex bolt bracelet project)
Crochet thread
Beads (optional)
Friendship bracelet (optional)
Step 1: Insert beads through canvas cord
Step 2: Attach tassels and friendship bracelet by winding crochet thread around loose ends of the tassel head and canvas cord
Step 3: Use the same method to connect loose ends of the canvas cord

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