Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Frugal Finds at Uniwide

A post by n@wie friend, Maqui, remimded me
 of how hubby (then boyfriend) and I used to go
to Uniwide to stock up on junk food during our college days. 

Anyway, a random stop over at Uniwide along Sucat road
turned out to be a pleasant surprise.    
It's been ages since the last time we've been to there.

It still looks like the same dark and dusty warehouse that
we used to be so familiar with but this time
hubby and I purchased several stuff for the house.

Among the ones that we bought, these would have to be my favorite.
The ceramic letters are such a great find -- perfect for the "alphabet wall" that I'm planning set up
(25 more letters to go!)

Letters: P15 each 
Crown: P29 each.
We were also able to get Alonzo
a little table and chair for his play room and mini library
for a little less than half the amount of what we could have paid for at another department store.

We are definitely going back!


  1. "25 more letters to go"....LOL!

    cute stuff you've got here. cute colors too!
    thanks for sharing


  2. i know! hahaha!

    i also have a yellow "P"