Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY "nutty" bracelet

I know that macrame isn't really my kind of thing but I find this bracelet really cool. It is so cool that I wish I could claim credit for the idea!
This DIY braided bracelet is from this equally cool site although I tweaked the procedure just a little bit to make it my own.

Here's what you'll need:

3 strands of canvas cord
 16- 18 hex bolts
metallic rubber band/ garter

step 1: wrap ends of each of the cord with tape to keep it from fraying
step 2: secure ends of your cord with a clip (or you could just put a huge soup can over the ends)

step 3: braid about an inch of the cord step 4: thread a bolt nut through the cord  (before crossing over your braid)

step 5: keep on going until all the bolts are braided

step 6: continue braiding until you run out of cord!
step 7: secure both ends of the bracelet by knoting a strip of metallic garter

 step 8: trim ends

This bracelt is long enough to wrap around the wrist two times but it is perfectly okay to make it shorter if thats what you want.

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