Monday, November 14, 2011

alonzo's music playlist

I remember when I was little my yaya would put me to sleep for my afternoon nap -- amidst resistance, countless alibis and stalling techniques on my part. My yaya turn on the radio and together we'd listen to songs by Karen Carpenter, Bread, Bee Gees and Imelda Papil!

When I was pregnant we received a couple of CD-DVD's to play and for Alonzo to listen to as pasalubong from my mom.
Although we haven't exposed our son to any form of television (we're not even planning on playing the DVD’s anytime soon)
He has been listening to the CD's for the longest time.
He's been listening to "Mozart and Friends Sleepy Time"
since he was about 7 months. He listens to it for his daytime nap, afternoon nap (right now Alonzo is transitioning to
having just 1 nap in the day) and in the evening. 
We even play it in the car!

Before that, it was just me singing him songs to sleep. 
I sang whatever songs that would come to mind but it was mostly "You Are My Sunshine", "Over the Rainbow", and religious songs such as "Anima Christi", "You Are Near" and "Lead Me Lord".

I have also come up with a couple to silly songs that I randomly  "composed". I’m no Ryan Cayabyab but I'm pretty proud of my songs! The ones that I like the most are "Binky Baby Boy", "We Don't Like Garbage" and "Drink the Milky Milky of the Baby".
I usually request hubby to play these songs in the piano and also asked him to right down the notes.

Right now, not only does Alonzo want his music disks played he also demands that I sing to him at the same time! 
His favorite songs right now are "London Bridge", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Apples and Bananas", "Bahay Kubo" and "Leron Leron Sinta". He even knows that lyrics and sings along sometimes. It drives me crazy sometimes when he wants to me sing medleys!

  I am hoping that whenever he hears any of these songs in the future it would bring back memories of his childhood and how I used to lull him to sleep.

What about you? What was your music playlist?


  1. LC's sleeping playlist are the classics. i just ripped them from my mom's collection. he loves vivaldi's four seasons.

    in his waking hours, it used to be all nursery songs and rhymes. pero nung narinig nya yung playlist ng pinsan nya na ka-age nya, hay naku!!! buong araw kami ngayon lazy song at marry you. bukang-bibig nya ngayon, 'no no no no no! yeah yeah yeah!' hay nakakasawa na pero wala magawa :)

  2. hahaha! we always get "last song syndrome" with alonzo's songs....they keep ringing is our heads

  3. irene, parinig naman kami nung milky milky song jan oh! I therefore volunteer you to perform in our Xmas party. Hehe

  4. maqui, hahaha! baka matakot yung mga bata sa christmas party!