Wednesday, November 2, 2011

how not to boil an egg

I learned something interesting about myself a couple of days ago. It was decided that we’d be having egg sandwich for merienda and then this sudden, nagging realization hit me. Apparently I don’t know how to boil an egg! I admit I no professional but I’m not exactly clueless when it comes to cooking!
How it this possible?
Here’s what happened: I dropped the eggs when the water in the pan started to boil and used a ladle to slide the eggs one by one onto the pan. An egg falls off and lands onto the adjacent burner. Okay, I thought, this isn’t starting so well. Then, just as each egg plunges onto the boiling water, the shell cracks and releases parts…okay, most of its contents. 
After a couple of minutes of apprehension, I began to wonder if the eggs were already done – at least the parts that remained inside the shell. How can you tell? I’m not exactly a fan of soft boiled eggs. I asked my mom but it seems that she is as clueless as I am.    
All I all, the end product was good. The egg mixture was light, creamy, with just the right balance of salt and tang. I wouldn’t exactly call it gourmet but it wasn’t bad either considering the all turmoil / havoc that had occurred.

What can I say? I’m partly amused but I must confess I’m generally mortified. Needless to say, I will definitely try again to redeem myself and reclaim my shattered egg-o (pun intended).

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