Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pet Peeve

Those who really know me know that I seldom come on time. That's because I try to always be early. Call me OC but this is how how I have been all my life. I've "won" the early bird award in our association several times that the officers probably decided to just not hand them out. It is almost embarrassing. If ever I do arrive exactly on time, say, for an appointment it must be a bad day for me. And if ever I do come in late, it must be a really bad day! I guess, you could say that tardiness is my pet peeve. Surprisingly, I am more tolerant towards towards the tardiness of others. Having a child also has made me a little more forgiving about how I manage my time. Speaking of time management,I really rely on my planner to help me keep my schedule in check and organized. I prefer using my trusty, old school planner over any tech-y electronic gadget. Those who really know me also know that I probably am the least tech-y person in the blogging world! Anyway, please check out an article I wrote for Yahoo! She on how to be punctual.


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