Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY DIp Dye T-shirts

Months before the holidays I ambitiously challenged myself on giving hand made gifts for Christmas for everyone...hand embroidered table napkins for my favorite aunts, chokers and bracelets (such as this, this, this and this!) for girl friends and bow ties for the guys etc.. my "grand" list went on and on. Needless to say, I failed in my self-imposed dare. What was I thinking???
Well, I did manage to make several hand made gift items such as hand drawn personalized mugs for
Alonzo's nurturers at playhouse,  stenciled shirts for my nieces and nephews, mini carrot cakes for friends and workmates (does that count?) and the bear pillow case for Alonzo.
Oh, I also made these dip dyed shirts as well. 
This DIY project is so easy and addicting (I would have made more of these had there been more plain white shirts around).
I asked my sister to get for me several packs of Rit dye from the states. I have only tried the Venus brand, which I think, is the only brand readily available here.  Not that I have any problems about the product...and it only costs P5.00 a pack -- what's there to complain about? But I simply want to check how other brands work. The Rit dye ordered from my sister, however, would have arrived a little too late for me to make my dip dye shirt project in time for Christmas. So I ended up using the same old, trusted Venus dyobos.
There's no need to use rubber bands to tie the shirt. Mentally divide your shirt into horizontal quarters and simply dip lower quarter on to the dye bath for several minutes. RInse well and dry.

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