Saturday, December 29, 2012

Repurpose a Box into a Bookshelf

I used a lot of these cardboard storage boxes to hold my old notes, journals, reports during grad school.
I am was pretty OC about keeping my school stuff in order and organized (alright, I admit, i was a bit of a nerd).
Anyway,I recently purchased a couple of storage boxes for a little project I did for our living room. I only used the box covers and I didn't know what to use the actual boxes for. A light bulb moment came and hit me as I was starring at some of Alonzo's books.
Just a little side note: early this year we planned to "convert" SIL's room into a playroom and mini library for Alonzo. SIL  has migrated to Australia five years ago, by the way.
We have succeeded in our plan about the playroom but most of Alonzo's books still have been kept in our room. 
I wanted to keep all of his toys and a few of his books out of the room where we co-sleep. His favorite bedtime books, however, will remain in our bedside table.
And although SIL's room/ Alonzo's playroom/ mini library has an entire wall space of shelves it still holds most of SIL's books and other stuff (it is still her room, after all!). The open shelves on the lower half can only display some of Alonzo's toys (the rest are stored in baskets we bought at Dapitan about a year ago). Most of his books lie on the middle shelving area (still a little too high for his height), making it hard for him to see and take them out whenever he wants.    
And this is where my DIY bookshelf comes in.
Simply put one box over the other and you could already call it a "book shelf". What could be easier?
Obviously, it can't be used to hold a volume of encyclopedia!
You may place a piece of plywood between the two boxes for support and secure them together with pretty duct tape (yes, they are out there! I found plain colored ones at National Bookstore but the printed ones are available online). I plan to do this soon and will be posting how they turn out.

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