Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Potty Training

Our first attempt at potty training or potty learning (as Montessori suggests) was when Alonzo turned 24 months. 
For that, I collected a couple of potty books, took his potties out in advance (to make him more familliar with it) and purchased several pairs of "big boy underpants".

All of these are book sale finds!

My favorite potty book!

Alonzo will be turning 29 months this month and still refuses to use the potty. At the moment, Alonzo doesn't show readiness to let go of his nappy.
 He has 3 potties but only uses them as chairs for his toys. Believe me, we tried everything to convince him. We take him with us to the toilet to show him how its done. All he wants to do is flush the toilet for us!
I also resorted to borrowing his cousin's Baby Alive doll.  Not even his Lego has escaped the opportunity to show him how to use the toilet. What can I say? The little guy stands firm and is not the slightest bit persuaded.

Lego man using the toilet and bidet
What else have we haven't tried? Hypnotism???
Any other suggestions?


  1. hi irene,

    potty training was 'easy' for us. i don't know though if gender is a factor because it's easier for girls to use the potty because they had to do everything sitting down. but what i think also helped us was not using nappies during the day. of course we had to deal with a lot of mopping and laundry work but after her 2nd birthday we were able to take Maia on short trips out of the house without diapers. she herself refused to wear diapers na because they made her uncomfortable.

  2. hi, faye!

    we tried having him not wear nappies...but he simply refused! he doesnt seem to have the willingness yet. he kept begging us to put on his nappies. we tried to ignore his begging for a while but put them on after a while. apparently, he was trying to hold his pee (and/or maybe his poop, too).

  3. hi sis! mapi here from n@w. :)
    pareho tayo. my son will be 3years old next month and he's not yet fully trained. I've already seen him use the toilet on his own to pee (2x siguro) but we lack consistency because we still let him wear diapers when we're out and when he's in daycare. When we ask him to poop in the toilet, he refuses, too. I haven't tried not putting diapers on him during the day, though. Good luck to us! :)

  4. hi, mapi!

    just the other day, when i got home i found alozno butt naked. he refused to have his nappies put on by anyone except me! i thought i could take advantage of the situation by actually NOT putting on his nappies and urge him to pee in the toilet. the problem is that he seem to be trying to hold his pee!

    his pedia keeps assuring us that he'll eventually give up on his nappies and actually ask for the potty. the key word here, i guess is "eventually". oh well...come to think of it, i havent seen a 6 year old in nappies. di naman siguro aabot ng ganong age!