Friday, July 27, 2012

Alonzo's Button Collection

Over the past couple of weeks our little toddler has showed some particular interest in collecting buttons. It started with just a couple of pieces. I think the huge, red one was what got him interested. Now, he has over 200 pieces!

I am amazed at how these could keep him entertained for hours (no exaggeration!). He could spend the entire afternoon just tinkering with each piece. He sorts them by color, counts them (he can count up to 10, and sometimes a little over), pours them on to different bowls, lines them all up and even tried to stack them.

He seems partial to the stripped beige and black one. He also knows which ones are our favorite pieces. For his dad it would be the oversized, red one while mine would be the paisley printed one (he chose it for me!).

Believe me, too, when I say that the little guy takes pride in his collection. He is mindful of where to keep them and is even particular as to who he will allow to help him pack them away!
How adorable is he? 

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