Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY Glass Staining

Transform ordinary jars and glass bottles by creating a stained glass effect.  All you'll have to do is paint them over with food color mixed with glue. Yup, it's all there is to it.
It's that easy!

Experiment with different colors and patterns. Group the jars together and use them as vases or votives.

Take note that the glue washes off easily with water.
I wouldn't, therefore, advice you to use it over fabric (as in a table cloth, for example) as it may result in staining.

I also used the same method to paint over glass windows.
My dad has a pair of glass windows salvaged from an old house and wanted to replace the glass with colored ones, as he wanted them to look like cathedral windows -- or a little something like that.
I thought this staining technique would be an inexpensive albeit temporary alternative.
Here's how the windows looked before

Because the colors are not water proff I painted over the back side of the glass. The windows are also nailed to a wall over which an awning it attached. What can I say? This easy, little project gets my dad's 2 thumb up approval!
I'm just hoping the windows get protected from the rain! 

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