Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY Ways to Frame Photos

Here are two craft projects that I made and wrote for Yahoo She. Both are about framing or displaying photos. 

The first project, a slide folder frame, is a slight modification of the frames hubby (then boyfriend) and I made to display old photos of our parents' and grandparents' on their wedding day at our wedding. Unfortunately, I do not have photos of those to show but I know that we took a picture of one of the frames displayed on one of the easels we also made for the wedding 
(will show those some other time). 

The second article is about alternative ways to display photos. The materials that you'll need for all projects can be used out of recycled material and are stuff that you most probably already have around. 


  1. perfect! was looking for a frugal way to frame my little girl's paintings and you just gave me what i need :D thanks again for posting these wonderful ideas irene!

  2. glad you like it, faye! thanks!