Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recycling an Old Broom

When my younger sister and I were little
our Auntie Peachy would bring home for us small brooms that she brought from Baguio where she studied college.
I know Alonzo would love to have one.
Whenever we are at playhouse the first thing he'd do after getting settled is to grab any of the small brooms they have there and sweep away.
I just couldn't find any -- even in bagiuo!
Hubby said that he used to notice several stores at the back street near his parents' house in the province. 
We search the stores but they don't sell small brooms anymore. A couple of months ago, Mima sent for Alonzo 2 balikbayan boxes full of toys. I wasn't surprised that Alonzo was the most interested in the talking/ singing broom and dust pan!

Anyway, a light bulb moment hit me last Sunday when we had to replace an old broom.

Guess what?
You could revive an old broom by trimming the straw and cutting the handle!
Alonzo now has 2 brooms -- a good old walis tambo and a loud one that requires batteries :)

Also, if you cut the straw and handle a little more you may even  use it to sweep the inside of the car!

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