Monday, February 17, 2014

Guest Crafter: DIY Toy Telephone

Happy Monday, you guys! Let me start the week off with my first ever guest crafter post. 

Now, isn't this DIY telephone simply adorable? I L-O-V-E how the materials made use of recycled stuff (toilet paper roll, hello???)...and how charming is it that the numbers are written backwards (hee-hee)? Love it!      


Before further ado, my feature crafter is no other than Dr. Katet Capulong. We first met in December 2000, during an entrance examination at the University of the Philippines. We were both applying for a residency slot at the Orthodontics Graduate School Program and we have been close friends since then! What else can I say? We were thesis mates, poster presentation partners, compre-exam study buddies, partners-in-crime (whenever we felt rebellious against Dr. H) and oh, she was a bridesmaid, too, at my wedding!

Here's a step by step guide from our feature crafter herself:  

1. I started doing the body of the telephone by using the inner side of a milk box (1.6 kg box). Shape and cut it to form a trapezoid.
2. Using a colorful box, I cut a big circle to serve as the phone's dial. I cut a smaller circle to put over the big one.
3. Cut 10 small circles around the dial using a puncher. Place the numbers 1-0
4. I used the cardboard of 2 tissue paper rolls to make the receiver. Tape them together to make them longer. You may use the cardboard from a  paper towel roll too.
5. Cut 2 plastic cups and put them on the two ends of the tissue rolls.
6. I used a tiny paper bag around 2-2.5 inches long and cut it to hold the receiver. Glue them on top of the body of the telephone.
7. Attach a ribbon on the end of the receiver. Twist the ribbon to make them curl and attach the other end of the ribbon to the base of the telephone.

Happy crafting!

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