Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quirky DIY Throw Pillow

I was recently reminded of an old, black and white movie by Elizabeth Ramsay that my sister and I used to watch when we were younger. I do not remember the title (I don't think I ever knew what it I was to begin with) but there was this particularly funny song that I can vividly remember. The lyrics used to generate a lot of snickers and giggles between my sister and I. 


The catchy line goes "sa isang libo mong halik ako ay puputi...". Not exactly politically correct but I can't deny that it still makes me giggle. This inspired to create another stencil project with throw pillows! Check out Yahoo! She for the tutorial.

Also, in one of my very first posts for this blog I mentioned about my niece's cat named Cat-y (formerly known as Lulu). The photo that I took of Cat-y as a kitten kind of reminds me of those 80's Hallmark greeting cards. 
A simple photo transfer iron-on sheet can help you "transform" a favorite photo into a throw pillow.     

And lastly, for your viewing pleasure here's an excerpt of the movie I told you about. Enjoy!

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