Sunday, November 10, 2013

Throw Pillows Galore!

I might have mentioned several times how I wanted to make throw pillows for the living room? Now, I think I might have gone too far! Hubby and probably everyone else are thinking the same thing -- pillow overload!!! Okay, I get it. Yes, I got carried away.
Mama and I went shopping for fabric a few days ago.  I saw several lovely printed canvas material but this floral-paisley print (center pillow) at Cotton Depot really caught my eye. Printed canvas costs P120 per yard while plain, colored canvas costs P100. The other fabrics that we bought were based around the colors of this print. I easily spotted a plain, teal-colored canvas and decided to get some.
I love mixing patterns but this could be a little tricky and one can easily end up with a very distracting, haphazard and confusing design result.  It was a little difficult to find patterns that would compliment our base print. There was this sage-colored, leaf printed pattern canvas at the scrap fabric section. I'm not exactly crazy over the color and print but I think it goes well with our base print, so I got the remaining 3/4 yard.
I wanted to get another print but couldn't find anything more at Cotton Depot. The other fabric stores in Glorietta have a couple of printed patterns that I liked but they cost three to four times more! Then I remembered the mango-colored, geometric printed fabric from Uniwide which was used to make wall decor. So, from Makati we headed towards Uniwide (I was adamant to get all my fabric and finish the project by the long Halloween weekend). I was also worried that there wouldn't be any of the fabric left (after all, it only costs P69 per meter! I even saw in a design magazine that Heima has some pillows made of the same print). Thank God, they still had a roll and yes it still costs P69!!! I bought more fabric than I intended to get and had them made into 2 bolster pillows.
I'm happy with how it turned out and hopefully, achieved the Anthropology-esque esthetic that I was aiming for.


  1. They're all lovely Irene! I have my heart set on the center pillow case :-)

  2. Thanks, Jude! It's my favorite, too. I kind of made a mistake of getting only 1 yard...while at the store I didn't realize that the fabric had to be cut at the center of the main design. So we ended up with only 1 pillow with this design. We still used the retazo to make pillows but it didn't turn out as nice.

    Thanks again!