Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY Rug Makeover

The Monday-Tuesday holiday made up for the busy weekend. I had my finals exam last Saturday and I had the opportunity to sit-in in a lecture last Sunday. Whew! Thank God, the 2-day non-weekend gave us time to unwind and spend time with Alonzo (who must have thought it was really Sunday yesterday!). It also gave me time to catch up with some projects that had to be put on hold.
I couldn't help but gush at how proud I am of this one...
My mother-in-law has this not-so-old, wheat colored area rug which she rolled and kept in storage for a few years. I had been planning to give it a makeover for some time but was scared that it would end up a disaster instead.  
Anyway, I mustered enough courage to finally go for it (with my mother-in-law's permission, of course!).

While contemplating on this project I really wanted to create a cool pattern (such as chain, loop or chevron). I'll be honest; I chickened out and decided on a simpler dot pattern. The procedure is that same as my other stencil projects.
Although I regret not being brave enough to have tried a more complicated design (I imagine it would have turned out quite spectacular) I can't say I didn't have fun. Alonzo also enjoyed helping me peel off the pattern) and for a while couldn't help giggle over our "new" polka dot rug.

I can't wait to see mother-in-law's reaction when she sees it!

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