Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Owl Wall Decal

The tree wall decal that I created last year along our hallways has been a favorite detail in our home -- especially among moms and kids. After all, if you browse through popular decorating magazines you may notice that almost every issue features a room with wall decals.
Yes, wall decals are all the rage. And, why not? They are fun, readily available and could be easily changed on a moment’s whim.  They could be quite pricey, though. Depending on the size and design it could set you back a couple of hundred pesos.
But this should not stop you from embellishing your walls. You could create your own customized decal and believe it or not, it probably may not cost you a single peso.
All you’ll need are scraps of fabric, corn starch, a little bit of your time and imagination. 
Before hubby and I got married, we gave his old room as little make over by painting the walls green and by adding a few decorative shelves. We co-sleep with our son so our room now looks like a child's room and although we have been sleeping in the playroom since early this year I thought it would still be a great idea to add a few decals to our green wall.  
Step 1: Think of a design. Sketch it on a piece of paper. 
Step 2: Draw individual segments of your design and cut to make your pattern
Step 3: Trace your pattern on to pieces of fabric and cut
The fabrics don’t have to match. Experiment with different patterns, print and color combinations.
Step 6: Wipe wall surface with a damp cloth.
Step 7: Dip fabric in home-made paste
Step 8: Attach to wall. This will work for walls made of both concrete and wood.
Step 9: Squeeze off excess paste and smooth out fabric with a damp cloth.
While the paste has not yet dried there is a tendency for the fabric underneath to show through
 This lessens or disappears as it dries.
If you need to reposition, lift or peel each segment of fabric off. If the paste has already dried simply dab the fabric with a damp cloth to moisten. It will easily come off. 
To make home-made paste:
Dissolve 3 tablespoons of cornstarch to ½ cup of water.
Thicken this mixture over low heat and let it cool.

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  1. oh thansk for sharing! madali lang pala. now, if only i can draw and cut..