Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY Tassel

I'm thinking of attaching little tassels at the corners of the throw pillows that I intend to make (hopefully soon). My mom has a couple of tassels around but not only are they too large but they are also too fancy for my taste. Well, a little DIY is sometimes (if not most of the time) better than a trip to the fabric store is what I usually say. 
To make one (or more) just follow these 4 easy steps.

One of Mama's maborloloy tassels
Crochet thread is all you'll need!
Step 1: Wind thread around your fingers until you get the desired thickness or fullness (I wound it 30 times) and cut off end.

Step 2:  Insert a shorter piece of thread through the loop and tie to make a tight knot.
Step 3: Wind another piece of thread around one end to form the tassel "head" and secure with a tight knot. Cut off ends of the thread.

Step 4: Cut the bottom ends of the loop and trim


Easy peasy!

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