Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Simple Grocery Cut Outs

I used to exchange (or barter) little grocery item cut outs from old magazines with Girlie before classes and during recess in prep. These were all neatly placed inside origami envelopes which we also made. This "transaction" of some sort was done before we both discovered Sanrio and before we both got hooked on collecting stationery. By the way, Girlie is my pre-school to high school classmate, car pool mate and later school bus mate...our dad's were also officemates.
Basically, she's the oldest close friend that I have. I remember we used to fight over a tiny Johnson and Johnson cotton swab cut out  -- apparently what we considered the most valuable item. hahaha!
Anyway, because I've been quite busy lately I promised to work on some projects I have in mind as soon as all the stuff from work and grad school gets settled.
I have an endless list of projects that I wish to start on
(sew new throw pillows for the living room, repaint the batibot chairs hubby and I salvaged from the backyard of the old house in Nueva Ecija, repurpose Mama's old curtain rod moulding into mini shelves, etc...). 
The extended weekend (yesterday, today and the holiday tomorrow) seem to be the perfect time to get crafty! Unfortunately, the weather does not seem to permit us to do any of our painting plans while Alonzo has either been following me around or asking me to be one of his "customers" in his pretend restaurant since yesterday. 

This is all the I have come up with. I secretly cut out food and grocery item photos from a grocery catalog and pasted them over card board while Alonzo busied himself "cooking" imaginary dishes for me.  
Not exactly getting my craft on, so to speak. But let me consider this as my mini tribute to Girlie, our good old times as kids and our friendship.


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