Saturday, September 29, 2012

Alonzo's Barista Costume -- again!

How can it be October in a few days? 
October is set to be a busy month at work and I am seriously dreading a major task that will be keeping me away during the weekends until early next year. 
But while I am so not looking forward to next month's agonizing work load I am still super excited about Halloween. 
Gotta admit though that I am setting myself up for a stressful situation. I have yet to conceptualize Alonzo's Halloween costume and we also still don't know where to go trick or treating this year. Good luck about that. Hahaha!
Anyway, while browsing through, Rookie moms, one of my favorite mom sites, I was especially surprised to know that the barista costume that Alonzo wore last year and the year before that made it to the hall of fame of DIY costumes!
This costume also landed among the 10 1st Halloween costume ideas from Parent Map! 

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