Monday, May 21, 2012

Repurposing Your Baby's Old Stuff

Our baby is now exactly 27 months old. Not exactly a baby anymore. We have given away and donated tons of his old stuff but it seems that we never run out of things to pack away. There is always a shirt that can no longer fit through the neck hole, a pair of pants or pajamas that are too short and his hats can no longer fit! We have already placed a small crate beside his closet for any of the stuff that needs to go.

However, there will also always be some stuff that I will not be able to let go of. I have kept his pacifier/ binky (which had been his most favorite thing in the world) stored together with some keepsakes such as the onesie, booties, mittens and bonnet that he wore from the hospital; the "eye patch" he used for the phototherapy he had for hyperbilirubinemia; the "tube" used (as cleverly suggested by my lactation consultant) when I was struggling with breastfeeding, etc...

Anyway, I have here a couple of suggestions as to how you can re-use and re-purpose your baby's old stuff. I hope that you'll find them useful.


  1. cool! we re-use the old baby food jars in the kitchen but i would never have thought about using them for the bathroom, etc..

    love how you re-used the baby spoons! so clever. your ideas are really great!!!

    keep them up!


  2. hi, elaine

    im glad you like the article. Part 3 is waiting publication and i am working on a part 4.