Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Balik Bukid at the Fun Farm

The family trooped to Sta. Elena last Sunday and spent the day at the Fun farm last for the country fair.

Here are a list of the things that we did:
1. EAT!

Yummy ice-cream but quite expensive.
We also tried the Mexican popsicles for a much lower price.

The little guy was in awe of the lechon.
He wanted to bring home the whole pig!

Lechon manok

2. Shop

Cute recycled furniture and decor

The drawer at the bottom would be great for the mini home office
that I plan to put up. Too bad the price didn't fit my budget.  

Lovely bath soaps.
I was more interested in the vintage luggage though!

Paper mache horses

3. Pet and feed the animals
The little guy said he wanted to catch either a tuna, lapu lapu,
maya maya or salmon :)

He was a little terrified ofthe pot belly pigs

Friendly bunny

 5. Had a carabao ride

6. Relaxed and had a great time!
Trying out the bamboo swings

The little guy wanted to run towards the sprinklers!

They don't call it the Fun Farm for nothing!

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