Friday, December 23, 2011

Matryoshka Stuffed Dolls

Two of my cousins gave birth this year and I decided to make
for them these stuffed Russian nesting dolls for Christmas.
Since I still don't have a sewing machine 
I had to make these by hand. What can I say?
They don't call it "labor of love" for nothing.

This one is for mommy Kay and baby, Kata.

And this is for mommy Penny and her twin girls, Pia and Pippa.

Welcome to the family, little girls!


  1. so pretty! did you handsew these dollies?

  2. thanks! yes, faye. these are hand-sewn :)

  3. Thank you! Kata started playing with it already. :)

  4. you're welcome, kay! im glad!

  5. oh so pretty!


  6. Your Blog was featured on yahoo.. and so I checked it out.. turned out I was hooked for an hour over your cool projects. I was creative when I was younger and I thought I was too old to do stuffs like this-- but you inspired me to go and try again. Thanks Irene


  7. thanks so much, carla. your comment really made my day! creativity does not recognize age. maybe you could share your craft projects in the future? looking forward to it!