Thursday, December 8, 2011

bendy straw candy cane craft

Hubby and I have been eating our dinners in the room since Alonzo was born.  We didn't have a yaya for the longest time and that meant that either hubby and I eat in shifts or that we eat together in the room.
We preferred the later plan.
Now you might be wondering what that has to do with
my recent little craft project...
Well, Alonzo can get very noise-sensitive at times that
even the slightest tap of a spoon or
a click of an ice cube could wake him!
We resorted to using straws (and plastic utensils --- almost!)
to keep the clatter to a minimum.

Anyway, here's a little Christmas craft that you could do with used plastic bendy straws. Trust me, this is as easy as 1-2-3!

step 1: cut straw

step 2: insert a short strip of wire (or paper clip) and insert through the "bendy" part of the straw

This will keep your straw bent and retain the cane shape.

step 3: wrap a strip of red colored paper and glue in place at the ends

I'm planning to use these to embellish our Christmas tree (which we have yet to set up, by the way!)
but you may also use these as an accent or trimming to your Christmas gift packages.  

By the way, our little dynamo isn't so little anymore at 20 months but because he still is a light sleeper and constantly asks for "mommy" whenever he opens his eyes at night we STILL eat dinner in the room! Hay!


  1. thanks, irene!
    most super easy xmas crafts please! tinatamad ako mag research at gumawa. hehe

  2. me too, maqui! we're not done yet with the house painting (super behind sched). i have so many crafts that i want to do but get too lazy to start any of them

  3. now i can turn amber's (tons of) used bendable plastic straws into something nice and cute! thanks for this very easy craft.

    btw, i can relate in the eating in the room and shift-meals parts. oh well! ;D

  4. thanks and you're welcome, lanie!