Sunday, December 11, 2011

Corrugated Paper Ginger Bread Man

Although I don't really like how they taste I absolutely find them to be cute. I also have a ginger bread cookie recipe hidden somewhere among my files but never tried baking any.

At about the same time last year I was busy with all the DIY stuff and crafts needed for Alonzo's birthday and had several pieces of extra corrugated boards. I used them to make ginger bread man gift tags.

This is the only decent photo I have of how 
I wrapped our Christmas gifts last year. 
Please excuse all the clutter.

This year I made several pieces and will use them as Christmas tree ornaments (well, that is if ever we do get to put up the tree!)

step 1: cut ginger bread man
(I was too lazy to go to either NBS or Office Warehouse
that I used an empty pizza box instead)

step 2: with crazy scissors and punchers make embellishments 
(eyes, mouth, buttons, moustache, etc..)  

step 3: you may either punch out a small hole on top or
 just use tape at the back to attach ribbons or
string to hang these little guys 

1 comment:

  1. loved the ones with the stache and yellow ribbon :)

    i also like creating our own gift tags :D sadly, the husband was in a hurry to get the gifts wrapped and done already. we made do with the generic store bought ones.