Saturday, April 19, 2014

Make your own faux taxidermy

Taxidermy is a fun and whimsical decorative element that could add style to your home. If you are grossed out by the idea of having a dead animal’s head sticking out of your wall but still want to be on trend with the taxidermy craze create your own version with items you already have around. How’s that for a green and animal-friendly project?
Materials needed:
Plastic bottles, bowls, spoons, thread spools, twigs, etc..
Glue gun
Cardboard boxes
Scrap paper, cut into small pieces
Spray paint

Step 1: To make a basic "head" cut bottom part of a plastic bottle at a slight angle and attach to a plastic bowl to form a "snout". Adjust the length and angle of the "snout" depending on the form that you prefer.

 Step 2: Cut a notch on each sides of the rim of the bowl.


Step 3: Attach a plastic spoon on the notch created for the “ears”. Rummage through your recycling bin and play around with the different materials to come up with a configuration that you like.  Use old pasta tongs to create a moose’s “antlers”, thread spools to form “horns” --- use your imagination!    
Step 4: Cover by layering with strips of paper and cornstarch glue. *

Step 5: Let it dry and spray with paint.
Step 6: Attach taxidermy “head” to a cardboard box and mount on a wall.

*cornstarch glue recipe:
Dissolve cornstarch and water. Place over medium heat and stir continuously until the mixture thickens and becomes translucent. Turn off heat and let cool before using.    

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