Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DIY Doll Table and Chair Set

Here's another amazing way to recycle toilet paper rolls into toys.   Turn those tubes into an easy-to-assemble set of miniature chairs and table that your kids (and dolls) would love. 

Material s needed:
Toilet paper tubes
Old gift wrapper or any paper with a pretty print

Step 1: Cut tissue paper roll to make a “back rest” 

Step 2: Trace the end of the tube on a piece of cardboard to make a circle

Step 3: Cut to make a “seat”
Step 4: Use a small piece of gift wrapper to cover the “seat”
Step 5: Attach “seat” with tape
Step 6: Cut cardboard to form the top of the table
Step 7: Attach to toilet paper tube with tape 

I hope that this would inspire some DIY projects of your own!

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