Sunday, June 16, 2013

Leftover Makeover: Pata Tim Noodles

You seem to like my Dad's pata tim recipe. And in honor of my dad and all dad's out there I'll be sharing a recipe concocted out of pata tim leftovers. 

Leftover pata tim
Shitake mushrooms
Button mushrooms
Bok choy or chinese cabbage
(these look like baby petchay)
oyster sauce
canton noodles

Step 1: shred leftover pata meat and set aside 
Step 2: place remaining sauce in a pan and heat under medium fire
Step 3: add water (since there might not be enough sauce) and a little oyster sauce to adjust the taste
Step 4: add mushrooms and noodles
Step 3: turn off heat and add bok choy

Happy Father's day!

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