Friday, April 5, 2013

Reusing Empty Valda Pastille Tin Cans

I have been consuming quite a lot of Valda pastilles these past few months. I have been "talking" a lot lately: lectures, reviews, story telling with Alonzo. Generally, I simply talk too much...I even talk when I'm asleep! Strangely enough, the first thing I asked my doctor after waking from general anesthesia after giving birth was if there was anything I said while I was "out".
Anyway, because I am who I am I have accumulated a few tins of these gummy lozenges and have been saving them for my future crafts.
This is a super easy way to pretty up those little golden containers.  Simply, cover the sides of the lid with tape and spray on paint over the top. I was thinking that it would be pretty to use a gradient of colors on each tin (to create an ombre effect), stick a piece of magnet at the bottom and attach to the fridge. However, I didn't want to spend on more spray paint so I used only what we had left.     

These tins may be reused to store a multitude of little things! Use it as a mini sewing kit, a pill container, emergency kit, etc..
Oh! This reminds me of a fabulous (if i may say so myself) project that I made with a rectangular mint tin container. I promise to post about that soon-ish.    

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