Sunday, April 7, 2013

DIY Mini Minaudiere

As promised on my most recent post, here's a fashionable way to reuse and repurpose empty mint cans. 
Glamorize an empty hinged tin container, such as the ones used for breath mints, by embellishing it with beads, buttons, sequins or any ornament with a flat base. With a few simple, easy steps you’ll be able to create for yourself a mini minaudière.

  Materials needed:
Hinged tin can or container
Spray paint
Beads or any embellishment  
Mighty Bond

Step 1: Spray paint the outer surface. Let dry
Step 2: Lay beads over the tin container and arrange them according to your preference
Step 3:  Glue on beads and let dry


I bought the square beads from Carolina's while the torquise one is an embelishment from an old pair of sandal that broke out on me while I was at the mall!

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