Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ghost Finger Puppet

I've been trying my hand on some simple crochet work since the start of September. We were never taught how to crochet in grade school and high school so this is now one of my real frustrations. 
Both my lolas were excellent in this craft and I have always admired how easily they were able to create intricate designs.
And they did it all free-style! 
Regretfully, too, because I was not as interested in crochet then as I am now that I did not ask any of them to teach me.

 I asked Mama to show me the basics since I literally have absolutely zero crochet background and skill.
This finger puppet is one of my first crochet "creations".


  1. HiIrene, we started with Crochet na! Join us soon :)--kathy (sabine's mom)

  2. hi, kathy! oo nga daw...i'm so envious! i have saturday lectures this semester and wont be able to attend playhouse until summer :(