Sunday, August 12, 2012

Super Easy "Crown" Party Hat

I know I promised to do a tutorial on knitting. However, the heavy rains and floods have prevented me from going out and purchase some yarns. I am currently working on a knitted bunny (yes, another project at my son's toddler class)and I am excited about how it will turn out. I was hoping to finish the major portion of the "body" and start on the other bunny parts during class. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn.

Anyway, here's something I made for the 70th birthday party my sisters and I surprised our parents with
a couple of weeks ago.

These are made of (you guessed it) toilet paper tubes!
To make simply cut a zigzag pattern on one end, spray paint to any colored desired, punch two holes, insert and tie a garter string.  Super easy.

In case you're wondering about the tiered container, it is something you could easily make out of old tin cans.

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