Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Baby

It's been a couple of weeks already but I decided to keep the news to ourselves. Alonzo now has a brother!
It also isn't exactly a surprise as we have really planned to have one.

 Meet Alonzo's new brother....


  1. you got me there! i thought there's really a baby #2 ;p
    anyways, my mom has a brother sewing machine too. i wish she's here to teach me how to use it. seeing your post reminded me to find someone who can. sana kapitbahay kita, papaturo ako :)

  2. i want one too!
    looking forward to your next posts

  3. rat, i honestly dont know how to use the sewing machine! hand sewing -- thats what i can do. hahaha! i want to enroll at tesda and take up pattern making there. sigh. no time lang! anyway, this machine comes with a CD manual. im keeping my fingers crossed!

    promding chamimay and maqui, get one na din!!! it took us a while before we could purchase this one. we were apparently looking at the wrong places. the first one that i saw costs 40K (@$%#&*!!!). we also found a tiny model that could pass as a toy for P3,500 (parang pang home tv shopping). we went all the way pa to divi and abad santos ave in manila to find the Singer showroom. wasnt able to find it.

    sa SM megamall lang pala kami makakakita. this is the most basic model.

  4. hey irene! congrats on that! naku, im sure you will come up with many more creative stuff to do! parang i want one too!

  5. hey, cathy! honestly, i havent had the chance to use it since we bought it! i've been supper busy these past few months. im hoping to be able to get to use it soon....i have a supper cute but simple project in mind...

  6. hi irene,

    how much that kind of hand sewing machine?

    me too i dont know how to use the regular sewing machine and i have lots of ideas but just only in my mind lang. hehehe atleast to have an idea of how much to invest on that handy sewing machine..


    my name is sam and a mother of my little "miel"

  7. hi, sam

    this model set us back a little less than 9k. its the most basic of the 3 models. we purchased this at western in megamall.

    hope this helps...good luck on your future sewing projects!