Sunday, June 17, 2012

DIY Cookie Cutter Mold

How could it be Father's Day today? Already???
Isn't it supposed to be sometime in July?
Anyway, I thought of baking mustache-shaped sugar cookies but couldn't find any mustache-shaped cutters.

I experimented and tried to mold an old llanera and an empty oval sardine can into shape. It was a little difficult as both materials were not very malleable (geez, the last time I used this term was in high school!).

I found an old foil pan works best for this.

Here's a step by step guide on how to make your own cookie cutter molds.

Step 1: Draw pattern

Step 2: Cut off insides of foil pan
(you may use either the insides or the sides of the pan)

Step 3: Fold the foil in half to make it sturdier

WARNING: Wear protective gloves!
I was too lazy to look for hubby's work gloves. I learned the hard way and ended with 2 band aids on each thumb after this project.

Step 4: With your hands mold the foil into shape by following the drawn pattern 

If you have undergone post-graduate training in orthodontics you may have developed the patience dealing with a lot of wire bending and manipulation. Hahaha! This step takes a bit of patience but there's no need to get all OC about making it "perfect". Take a deep breath and keep in mind that you're making this only to make COOKIES!

Your cookie mold is all done and now you're ready to bake!

Happy Father's day to all dads out there!


  1. hello! bloghopping brought me to your spot... hehe naaliw naman ako sa post na to.... specially now that i really wanna learn how to bake (im so OC i really wanna where to start hehe)

    by the way, i've tried to look for your GFC so I can follow pero not in your blog, so i added you anyway sa blogger dashboard ko... :-) naaaliw ako sa mga DIYs mo... :-)

    hope you could follow me back! see you around! :-)

  2. hi there, promding chamimay!

    thanks! glad you like my projects. i havent been able to post new projects recently (its been a hectic month!) but hopefully i could be able to post and uopdatemy blog soon.

    yup! see you around and thanks for visiting!

  3. how creative! super love mind is running wild with all the posible molds that i could make! thanks so much, irene.


  4. glad you like it, helen. kep in touch!