Monday, December 2, 2013

DIY Hanging Christmas Tree

If not having enough floor space for a Christmas tree is a problem you might want to consider creating one that you can hang. Use ordinary wire, such as the ones used to make a clothesline or “sampayan”, and bend zigzag patterns to resemble a tree.
Make sure that your wire has a large enough gauge to be strong and stiff enough to hold its weight and whatever you want to hang on it. Suspend it on a door, by a window or any available wall space and use clothes pins to attach Christmas cards. You may also hang or attach small-sized envelopes or sachets containing little goodies and surprises. Label or number the envelopes so your hanging tree will also double as an Advent calendar.

Materials needed:
Wire cutter
Utility gloves

Step 1: Use pliers to make a small loop on one end of the wire
Step 2: Make a larger loop, about the same size of a clothes hanger

Step 3: Make successive zigzag bends of increasing width so that the outline resembles a triangle 

Step 4: Round off the end of the wire by make another small loop
Step 5: Hang and adorn  


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