Thursday, July 11, 2013

1st Day Blues

We already expected this year to bring about some changes. Early on we planned on having Alonzo start out with day care this year before enrolling him in pre-school. Also, despite some hesitation on my part I also decided to push through with (another) post graduate course.

Since this summer we've been prepping Alonzo about how daycare would be a little different from the parent-child program that we have been on since he was 1 year and 4 months old.
This time, instead of having to spend 2 hours with either me or his dad at playhouse, we'll have to drop him off and come back for him after 4 hours. The rhythm and routine will essentially be the same as what he is used to but we anticipated some resistance on his part especially about the idea of not having either one of us with him.  

As I dropped him off (I really had the intention of just waiting outside for 4 hours) and said goodbye (I also had the intention of doing a quick, no fuss goodbye) Alonzo's expression undoubtedly changed. He was trying to hold back his tears but he could not hide that he was scared and worried. My heart melted. His nurturers allowed me and other first timers to stay inside. Thankfully, Alonzo adjusted quickly and smoothly. It has been a month now since his first day and we'll be meeting with his nurturers late this week for their feedback. 
Now, you might have been wondering what has kept me from blogging lately...well, as I mentioned earlier I am also back in school. It has been a month and prelims is just around the corner but unlike my little boy I still have not quite adjusted!  

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