Tuesday, June 28, 2011

bote dyaryo

If I could have it my way and if only we had the storage space our bodega would be filled by what most people would consider as trash. However, since storage space is something you can never have enough of, I try to limit my heap to only a manageable few. Imagine the disturbed look in hubby's face when he saw several empty Campbell's cream of mushroom cans stashed inside our closet. I've been obsessed with the Campbell's logo since forever. I even made a super-sized version out of an empty drum (used to store water back in the day when Paranaque had perennial water shortage) and used it as an outdoor table (will search old albums for pictures to show as proof)

These empty baby food bottles are also too cute to discard!


  1. I love your blog, irene!
    I wish i didn't throw away the baby food bottles. Sayang.
    How did you deal with the sharp edges of the campbell can?

  2. thanks, maqui

    i used a hammer to fold in the sharp edges.

  3. Hi Irene, I followed a link to your blog from Maqui's.

    You make the baby food jars look so pretty. I recycle mine too and have boxes and boxes of those jars (I threw away a lot already but I kept the ones that we already washed and sterilized)... pero bakit yung amin ampanget ?

    I wonder if it's the labels & the handwriting that makes your spice jars look cute,.. or baka yung arrangement ? Ulitin ko nga yung akin... ampanget talaga. Nahiya tuloy ako :D

  4. hi, popcorn

    ang funny naman ng comment mo. the labels are the ready made ones from national bookstore.

    thanks for dropping by!